Walrus - Original Painting of Paul McCartney by Artist John Bukaty

Walrus - Original Painting by John Bukaty | 36" x 48" | Acrylic on Canvas

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Walrus - Original Painting by John Bukaty | 36" x 48" | Acrylic on Canvas

Immerse yourself in the playful and dynamic "Walrus" by John Bukaty. This 36" x 48" original painting, created with acrylic on canvas, showcases Bukaty's unique style and vibrant expression. Perfect for contemporary art lovers and collectors, this piece adds a touch of whimsical art to any space. Signed by the artist, it offers a unique and authentic addition to your art collection.

Important Features:

  • Unique Contemporary Art: Captures playful and dynamic expression.
  • Original Artwork: 36" x 48" acrylic on canvas, created by John Bukaty.
  • High-Quality Material: Painted with premium acrylics on durable canvas.
  • Exclusive Piece: A one-of-a-kind artwork that adds value and uniqueness to any collection.
  • Artist's Signature: Authenticated with John Bukaty's signature, ensuring its originality.
  • Perfect for Collectors: Ideal for art collectors and fans of whimsical contemporary art.
  • Shipping: Typically ships within 2-3 weeks.

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